Lash Lift Cleanse Lotion


Our CLEANSE Lotion creates a blank canvas for the natural lashes, by getting rid of excess oils, proteins & dirt. 



  • Pump one pump of the CLEANSE into the bottle lid.
  • Using a micro applicator, lightly coat the natural lashes with the cleanse to create a blank canvas before applying the silicone pad.
  • During the lifting treatment, use CLEANSE again (with micro applicator or lip brush applicator) to remove the lashes from the silicone pads after the tinting. Moving the micro applicator in circular motions will  separate the lashes from the glue and remove the lashes from the pads quickly.
  • A little goes a long way - 1 pump of CLEANSE is enough for the pretreatment AND removal of lashes from pads. 

Do not over saturate the lashes with the CLEANSE.

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