Wink with Mink Lashes






Best paired with our UNBREAKABLE BOND Adhesive, this sealant is specifically designed to improve retention even further.


How does it work?

WINK WITH MINK Sealant instantly bonds the adhesive fumes. Thus, your clients will feel minimum to no irritation or ‘sting’ directly after the treatment. The sealant adds elasticity to the adhesive, preventing the cyanoacrylate from breaking (it is usually not very flexible and a common reason for poor retention).

It secures the surface of the adhesives ensuring that all of the adhesive vapours are contained. Because of this, there is no need to use a nanomister at the end of the treatment.


How to use it?

Wait 5-6 minutes after completing the set of lashes. Using a micro wand, apply the sealant minimally to the base of the lashes (where the adhesive bonding point is).


Who can use it?

This product can be used both professionally and personally.

For client use, apply the sealant using the mascara wand applicator 2-3 times per week. Glide the applicator across the base of your lashes (a little bit of product goes a long way). Doing so will enhance the seal and increase retention.


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